Functional data analysis

I maintain the FREE R package for the analysis of functional data. This package is available on GitHub.

I am currently developing a new version of FREE that uses the greta R package for computation. This package is called greta.fda and is available on GitHub. The greta.fda package is substantially faster than FREE but is subject to major changes.

Integrated population models

I am currently working on the greta.integrated R package to integrate multiple data types in a single analysis. An early version of this package is on GitHub. This package is actively under development and I welcome feedback on its structure.

Nonlinear growth curve modelling

I maintain the growmodr R package for fitting and validating Bayesian nonlinear growth curve models with Stan. This package is available on GitHub.

Trophic models of ecosystem energetics

I maintain the trophic R package, a set of tools to estimate energy flows through trophic networks. This package provides flexible methods to link stochastic trophic networks (food webs), interspecific competition, energy transfer efficiencies, and primary production in a single modelling framework. The package is available on GitHub and also has a website with some simple examples.